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English for children through play, dance and music

Hello! English is an excellent franchise model, designed for children ages 1 to 10 to engage in an active English language immersion environment with a proprietary curriculum. If you believe that child bilingualism is achieved through play, exploration, music and dance, then you’re in the right place!


Hello! English is:

  • A franchise designed for English immersion through play, dance and fun for kids aged 1 – 10
  • A franchise with no physical location because we partner directly with centers, schools and families for a convenient and easy service.
  • A franchise for kids to become bilingual right from the beginning.
  • A franchise with our own original methodology based on the understanding that the body and the mind are interdependent and that children need to physically experience concepts to fully understand them.
  • A franchise dedicated to children’s educational success and for them to learn English through fun, play, music and dance.


We have a variety of creative English programs that you’ll be able to incorporate into your business in the way that suits you best. We offer flexibility and growth with a very small initial investment. You choose from a range of options from self-employment to a big small business leading a team of teachers.

  • Affordable initial investment: only 4500€ for the first 3 franchises
  • A physical location isn’t needed
  • Monthly Royalty: 15 %
  • Publicity Royalty: None
  • Length of contract: 5 years

Grow at your own speed, you choose the size of your franchise!

We help you get started and make sure you have everything you need

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