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We'll help you inspire your students through dance, music and theater

Spice up your English classes!

with dance, music and theater

This is a development program specifically designed for English teachers, where we will share our knowledge and experience to help you enhance your lessons through dance, music and theater.  These elements help make class more exciting, motivating students to learn better and learn more.


Brain research confirms that our bodies and minds are interdependent and that young children need to physically experience concepts to fully understand them. At Hello! English we have over 8 years’ experience innovating and improving our method “Creative Movement in English” with better results for our students every year.


If you’re an English teacher looking for ways to enhance your lessons and get better results, join one of our upcoming workshops.  Workshops are 3 hours long and include a Teacher’s Pack full of notes and ideas to take home.


Option 1: Come to our next open-to-the-public workshop, all the details will appear below.

Option 2: We can organize a special workshop just for your school and teachers.  Call us to get started!

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